Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Autarch

A shadow fell across the bright, sunny landscape of Southern California.  Panic erupted.  While rural whites cheered in the rust belt, blacks, immigrants, women and the LGBT community in liberal strongholds across the U.S. were confronted with a sense of revulsion and horror.  The election we'd hoped would repudiate the craven bigotry, xenophobia and misogyny we'd stood against during the Trump campaign, turned out to be a repudiation of us.  Our values, our ideals, shared by most of the voting population, did not have the commensurate weight of the Electoral College behind them.

Some of us took to the streets.  In the exurbs and bedroom communities, we drifted in to work, detached and numb.  Our co-workers who'd voted for Trump coalesced into whispering circles that didn't include us "libtards."  While protesters marched through city streets and blocked freeways, those of us excluded from the giddy circles gradually found each other.  We were bonded by same sense of grief, loss and terror that was gripping the nearby cities.  In our small, quiet numbers, we held onto each other.

The shadow and threat of autocracy looms on our horizon.  Climate change deniers, anti-Islamist, anti-immigrant, anti-feminist and anti-LGBT forces have marshaled around a pending executive who would unmake the very Constitution they will soon take oaths to defend.  Our friends and neighbors are being accosted by a once latent culture of white supremacy.

We have much to fear.

We have much to fight.

The time to protest will soon reach its end.  The time to organize against the autarch is now.  We survived McCarthyism, Jim Crowe and the Hoover FBI.  We will survive - and overcome - the coming autarch.

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